Company outline

Corporate philosophy

1) We are the ones to underpin
Japan’s advanced “art of manufacturing”

2) To “make things” means to “develop people”.
Each one of us will develop ourselves
through our work here at Ryuu.

Greetings from the President

Automobiles, semiconductors, liquid crystals, aircrafts …
We at Ryuu Factory have developed our businesses as a partner of our customers
that engage in various manufacturing industries.
The company has been serving the industry for over a half century.
Yet, Ryuu commits itself in achieving even higher goals.
On top of development, designing and manufacturing of dedicated machines,
which are our key businesses, we are currently expanding our business strategy scope
to OEM and development of aircraft parts, which will be our new business pillars.
To achieve this goal, we have been enhancing our sales force and engineering skills.
We believe that strengthening these skills will help us provide better services
and technology to our customers.
Our ultimate goal is to be the one and only big company in the industry.
We hope to keep on responding to our customer expectations.

President Kyoichiro Ishida

Company profile

Okazaki Factory12-1,Higashimizudori,Hashime Cho,Okazaki Shi,Aichi,444-0908,Japan
TEL:0564-47-7731 FAX:0564-47-7732

Company RYUUSS Co.,Ltd (株式会社竜製作所)
Established August 28th, 1953
Capital 40 million yen
President Kyoichiro Ishida
Head Office 4-8-2,Toyota,Minami Ku,Nagoya Shi,Aichi,457-0841,Japan

TEL:052-691-2365 FAX:052-693-2920
Obu Factory
(East Japan Technical Headquarters)
111,Shimizugane,Kitazakicho,Obu Shi,Aichi,474-0001,Japan

TEL:0562-46-3374 FAX:0562-47-9570
Kyoto Factory
(West Japan Headquarters)
52,Kishoin Higashisunano Cho, Minami Ku, Kyoto Shi, Kyoto,601-8334,Japan

TEL:075-672-8834 FAX:075-672-8863
Toyokawa Factory 151,Oike,Ichinomiya Cho,Toyokawa Shi,Aichi,441-1231,Japan
TEL:0533-93-6671 FAX:0533-93-6634
2nd Factory(Yatomi) 2-18,Kusunoki cho,Yatomi Shi,Aichi,498-0066,Japan
Ogaki Factory 370-1,Nakajima,Shimokasa,Yoro Cho,Yoro Gun,Gifu,503-1384,Japan
TEL:0584-47-5771 FAX:0584-47-5772
Kitakyushu Factory 833-18,Kitagaura,Yoshikuma,Keisen Cho,Kaho Gun,Fukuoka,820-0609,Japan
TEL:0948-20-2330 FAX:0948-20-2331
Innovation Center (Ogaki) (New technology development base) 4-86, Aoyagi cho, Ogaki city , Gifu, 503-0961, Japan
TEL:0584-47-9280 / FAX:0584-47-9281
AI Robotics Showroom (Simulated warehouse) 142, Kyoden, Narumi cho, Midori ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 458-0801, Japan
TEL 070-9217-6226(Mr.Hosoyama) or 0562-46-3374
Gifu office 8,Takehanacho Nishiki, Hashima Shi, Gifu,501-6241,Japan
TEL 058-393-4689 FAX 058-393-4753

Quality policy

Basic policy

We commit ourselves in manufacturing good products with the market-in concept under the motto of “quality is the lifeline of our company” to establish a brand image of “Ryuu, a trusted company”.

Environmental policy

Environmental principles

We have established an environmental management system and set environmental objectives, goals and a framework for review to reduce environmental burden. In this way the company carries out continuous improvements and preventive activities against environmental pollution.

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