Dedicated machines
/ Inspection machine

Proven technology in manufacturing conveyors, assembly machines and inspection machines for the automotive industry, and dedicated machines used in semiconductor clean rooms.
We support the manufacturing industry with our top-notch technology and flexibility.


◆Conveyors for the automotive industry

  • Enables labor-saving in transporting workpieces and achieves optimum manufacturing cost.
    Creates an efficient production flow and reduces lost time in transporting parts.

◆Conveyors for clean room

  • We manufacture production facilities that are free of scratches and particles.
    Helps achieve optimum cost through highly efficient production.

Assembly machine

◆Assembly machine

  • Achieves optimum manufacturing cost
    to enhance maximum profit.
    Shortens manufacturing time
    to enable efficient production.

Inspection machine

◆Inspection machine

  • We manufacture inspection machines that require electronic (micro controller) designing which uses visual devices.
    Our comprehensive technology skills enable us to establish this manufacturing framework.